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2015 Track days

July 2015 Curborough

July 2015 Curborough

Some of you might be wondering when this event occurred as there was no publicity for it.

Well after trying to run the events last year and suffering from a virtually zero response rate I took a different tack. Using my records for who had done the event in previous years I contacted those people and managed to get enough to do the event without needing to advertise it.

Anyway onto the event report.

We ended up with 12 cars doing the event which was more than I expected - we also had 17 drivers. I was slightly concerned that we had too many people doing this but in the end it ran perfectly all day.

In the morning quite a few people were late due to a lot of roadworks on the A5. When I arrived at 9:15 I was the first one there, normally at that time we would have a few people waiting by the gate, but it wasn’t long before people starting getting there. Once most of them had arrived and signed on we started doing runs using the conventional layout of the track to get people familiar with the layout.

The cars mostly behaved themselves, a couple of exceptions including a very noisy fan belt on the white MX-5, and my own car which had decidedly odd front suspension and an insistence on wanting to turn left all the time.

After a good morning worth of runs, we had a break for lunch. After lunch we decided to change the layout and started using the central cross junction in the track. This meant that quite a lot of spinning occurred, including some fairly spectacular multiple spins.

Fortunately we didn’t have anyone attempt to damage the scenery, and all the cars managed to get home in one piece and under their own power which was good news.