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Boot Box

The boot box is a simple box section formed out of a single piece of aluminium, It is not overly large but does have enough space for a few tools and spares. The picture below shows the boot box without any covering over the opening. It has been fitted to the car for a couple of years sometimes covered at other times....

Boot Box Uncovered

Now the matter of a cover over this bootbox has been somewhat of a problem over the years, but this time I aimed to get the job done properly. We have had in order :-

Originally there was a plywood sheet - this lasted until Neil Wain test drove the car and it jettisoned itself somewhere (we couldn`t find it afterwoods!).

This got replaced with plywood sheet No.2 (and I can't remember where that ended up).

More recently the infamous hinged plank (a piece of 1/2" timber sprayed black) did the job.

However this has now been changed again to the definitive cover.

The Cover

This is the most engineered to day and it took almost the whole day to build. A single piece of ali sheet was cut to size to fit the opening and then trimmed down to fit with enough space to allow for some rubber edging strip. This allowed me to use my new toy, bought last year at one of Machine Mart's "VAT Free" days it is a vice mounted metal shear. This little gem allows you to cut sheet ali quickly and most importantly cleanly without resorting to power tools. After the sheet was cut the holes were made for the DZUS(TM) fasteners to secure the panel. Once this was done my brother (in a rare helpful mood) cut, trimmed and glued the fabric to the sheeting and it was refitted.

As you can see from the pictures below it certainly looks better than the original plank and should prove to be waterproof in regular use.

The Plank! New sheet cut to size Completed and fitted with fasteners