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February 2003: Heater Removal

After thinking that I would fit an electronic ECU to the car I needed to find somewhere in the car to store the module. The Emerald is about 5 x 7 inches and needs to be kept dry. Tigers are not renowned for water proofing and so I took the decision to house it in an IP65 (fully water tight) enclosure purchased from a local electrical factors. Only problem where do you site the enclosure.

The solution was actually fairly obvious, last year I had replaced the demister vents with an electric heater but for some reason (probably laziness) had left the now redundant heater box in the car plumbed into the water system. This box was removed and the cooling pipes re-routed with about 3 feet of pipe cut out of the system.

At the same time I moved all the water pipes round as they had been running loose under the exhaust manifold. A few minutes work made a couple of brackets which are mounted via the exhaust manifold bolts to carry the pipes.

The pictures below should explain this a bit better.

Water pipes routing (large) Water pipes routing (detail)

The next problem was that I now had a large hole in the shelf panel which needed to be sorted out. I also discovered that there was a gap between the scuttle and the shelf large enough to lose pens through! This has also needed to be fixed. So I ended up with putting a filler of ali across the gap between the panels, and a seperate ali sheet to encase the holes in the shelf panel. As a last point I fitted four M6 rivnuts to mount the Emerald enclosure onto the shelf.

A large hole needing filling Repanelled