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April 2006

Seat Belts

I decided after 5 years of being on the road that I fancied a change to my four point harnesses. Having had the standard two part units for all this time, I found one of the problems was that if you change drivers a lot (such as on a track day) they are rather slow to adjust. So you end up driving squeezed into the seat so tight yuou can barely breathe or with enough room for another person inside the belts.

With this in mind I looked for some alternatives and came across the TRS belts that are supplied for the race cars. These have 3" shoulder straps compared to the standard 2" and also quick release adjusters, these tighten easily and more importantly loosen just as easily.

I ordered and set from Sue at Tiger and then fitted them. It was very hard to make them fit. The procedure is below:

Simply unclip the top mounts and replace with the new straps,

then unbolt the bottom mount and replace with snap rings and the bottom straps.

Finally adjust to fit.

The only difficult bit was having to cutr away a small section of the "pigs ears" to accomodate the snap ring.

Installed Belts All belts connected disconnected

Power socket

Now I don't smoke but have often thought about having a lighter socket installed in the car for powering accessories such as compressors, battery chargers etc.

With this in mind I have installed one of these devices and tucked it away under the dashboard powered off a spare 30A fuse, the picture below shows how it was done.

However I tested it using a GPS camera detector (I already have one but it doesn't have a speed display).The slightly shocking result when speedo read 70 GPS read 75! only 7% short. A quick reprogram and it is now accurate to GPS, what is worrying is how close I had been driving to points on the licence when I thought I was a lot safer......