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March 2006

Rust removal

The front suspension arms on my car had been slowly going rusty for the last year or so. As they are fully exposed and mounted at the front of the car every piece of dirt ends up hitting them.

So with that in mind I needed to do something properly.

After some research I found an advert in a classic car magazine for Bilt-Hamber products. One of the products they sell is a rust removal gel called "deox gel", this unlikely looking stuff looks like apple sauce but it most definitely not edible!

rust removal gel

So what happened next, well first off you need to wire brush all the loose rust and dirt off so you are left with a clean surface

what rust

Next get some of the deox and apply to the part concerned, because I was doing both sides of the suspension I decided to paint the gel onto some clingfilm and then wrap this around the suspension arm.


You next leave it for a couple of days to work - it actually depends on the temperature so in March it needs to be left for about 4 days. Once it has done it's job remove the clingfilm put on some protective clothing and wirebrush the residue off the metal, cleaning it with a sponge and water occassionall, you will have a perfectly clean piece of metal. (I didn't have the camera with me at this point due to the need to avoid splattering it!).

I then applied a coat of etch primer and left that to dry, followed by a coat of gloss black enamel paint.

primer painted

The next job is too clean the car up!