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August 2005

Spare wheel mounting frame

I had noticed that the rear bodywork on the Tiger suffered rather badly from flexing mainly as it was really supported. So I decided to do something about this as a quick 5 minutes fix. (Well I thought it would take 5 minutes but)

First off I obtained a length of aluminium angle to provide the reinforcement to the bodywork. I then removed the old spare wheel mounting frame so that I had the necessary clearance to mount the new frame to the chassis. At this point I discovered a very old mistake when the mounting frame was originally fitted it wasn't fitted square so there was no way it could go back when the new frame was offered up oops!

The angle ali was mounted to the spare wheel carrier under the rear bodywork this time ensuring it was square and secured with two stainless steel bolts. I then secured the rear tub to the ali by drilling through the fibreglass and bolting with stainless button head fasteners. By this stage it all looked very neat but there was one problem I couldn't now mount the spare wheel securely.

So I used part of the old spare wheel mount cutting off the base and securing it with a blot to the inside of the rear body panel at the bottom and utilising a length of M12 studding at the top through the rear body panel to mount the spare wheel on.

As you can see from the pictures below it is a nice neat job and you can't even spot the bolt heads unless you know what you are looking for. Finally how long did my 5 minute job take about 4 hours.

Ali angle in place View showing spare wheel bracing arm Exterior view without spare wheel Exterior view with spare wheel