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December 2009

Fuel Filters

This was a strange problem, occassionaly I had this issue when after running at high speed for a few minutes the car would lose power act as if it had a misfire and then recover. The first thing I checked was the ignition circuits - all the plugs were clean and I couldn't find any problems with the rest of the system. After doing this the car then ran perfectly for the next month! But the problem came back again.

It was suggested to me that I could be looking at fuel starvation - well the pump is only a couple of years old so that can't have failed maybe the filters need a clean....

So a quick call to Eurocarb had a complete filter set (pump, secondary filter and both carb filters with gaskets) on it's way to me.

Once the snow and ice had cleared enough for me to gain access to the garage and get the car out I started on the job. The carb filters were easy enough to do and that sorted out the engine bay end. The one of the pump was a little trickier as the tank was half full. I unscrewed the filer from the pump and not much fuel came out. So I loosely screwed the new one in and then pulled the hose from the old filter. Now I'm not sure if the old filter was really blocked but the fuel jetted out until I got the hose stuck onto the new filter. So a bit of cleaning up was required!

Once everything was tight I presure checked the entire system to ensure no leaks and then took the car for a test drive.

I was shocked - the pick up was smoother and faster and the engine was running really well. Maybe I should have done this before....

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