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May 2009

Mud Flaps

Another of the post stoneleigh fixes...

One problem with a Tiger is that any small stones picked up by the front tyres are ejected at high speed into the rear wings. After a while the rear wings start resembling a bad case of acne! Now there are two schools of thought on how to rectify this. The first is to fit stoneguards to the rear wings (so they can get damaged), whereas the second is to prevent the problem in the first place and fit some mudflaps.

I decided to get some mudflaps and try them. After consultation with other owners I found they need to be low to the ground - how low? well about 15-20mm above the tarmac!

So I obtained some muflap material at Stoneleigh at a bargain price and then started to fit it. I actually only needed one sheet (when I bought two) and so have some spare. But basically cut it to size and then attached it to the mudguard with a couple of allen bolts.

So far it seems to be working but I haven't really driven it in anger yet so we will see what happens.