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July 2003: Handling Upgrades

Part 1: Quick Rack

The quick rack was bought as a complete exchange unit so I could just unbolt and replace the existing rack. I know you can purchase the kit at a lot less than I paid (£120+VAT from Tiger) but I don't have the knowledge and facilities needed to rebuild one of these.

However I can say that the replacement is a fairly easy job - provided you do the following

Obtain a replacement steering column to rack retaining bolt (M8 x 40 12.9 grade caphead) first

Do not have the existing one of the above fuse into the retaing nut!

Do not lose the ball joint splitter when the car is jacked up nose out the garage ready to be stripped down and it is 9:30 at night so all the motor factors are closed

Providing the following doesn't happen to you then it should be possible to change a rack in about 2 hours.

I haven't got any pictures as by the time the job was complete it was dark and I had to be at a club meeting the next day.