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August 2004

Post Curborough repairs

The track day at Curborough proved to be the last straw for a couple of components on the Tiger. I knew these were failing before taking it on the track but anyway....

No pictures for these fixes though!

Carburettor Gaskets

Even since it was rolling roaded the car had been popping and banging on overrun. The cause was eventually traced to a leaking manifold to carb gasket. There was only one solution, a new gasket set was ordered from Burton Power, and this was needed.

To replace the gaskets you need to remove the inlet manifold, this entails draining the entire cooling system as well. Once they were on the bench, it was obvious what had caused the problem, two of the small Thackery washers had snapped allowing the front carb to move and allow extra air in through the seals. The actual MISAB rings were in a reasonable condition but I replaced them anyway to be on the safe side. Once this had been done the carbs were remounted along with a new inlet manifold gasket.

Finally the engine was refilled with water, and the mixture screws all reset to the same value and the engine started running again without the popping and banging it had suffered from before.

Exhaust repacking

Earlier this year I repacked the exhaust silencer as it was making a bit of noise, well it did more than that recently. At the trackday someone pinged the side of the silencer with a finger and it rang like a bell.

So after getting the gaskets sorted I next looked at the silencer, it took a slight argument to get the end cap off and reveal... nothing; not a trace of the original packing remained inside, so I refilled it again and resealed the end cap.

The engine when restarted was even quieter and now rumbles contentedly when idling.

New Distributor

This was a strange one a couple of days after the above jobs were done I tried to start the car and nothing happened, well it turned over and that was all, no spark was present. After a lot of searching and mumbling I finally found the solution, the distributor pickup had died. Without the pickup working the Emerald ECU does not know the engine is rotating and refuses to fire the spark plugs.

Now I have never heard of this problem before, and it was only when I obtained a new dizzy from a scrapyard, that I could test this and prove that that was the fault. I also made sure I obtained the proper connection cap for the pickup sensor and wired this into the car loom. This replaced the previous solution of 3 small spade connectors onto the pins of the sensor.

Other Problems

I still have the following to fix which will get done soon....

Brake lights on permanently - something is wrong with the switch alignment!

Oil leak from front of sump