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2011 Track days

May 2011 Curborough

May 2011 Curborough

Well the day for curborough dawned bright and sunny (in Peterborough) at least. I was slightly nervous of doing this as the engine in the car was less than 100 miles old when I started on the trip to the track. I had already decided that I was going to stick to a self imposed 5000rpm limit before setting out as I would prefer to run the engine in somewhat.

The drive to the track was uneventful and I managed to cover the distance in a couple of hours without any major holdups to be greeted at the gates by a queue of people waiting for Adam to arrive with the keys.

About 20 minutes later the keyholder arrived and we could be let into the track and start with getting prepared for the days fun...

We had a few of the regulars and a few new faces doing the day. The regulars consisted of myself, Piers Cooper, Mark Fassenfelt, Paul and Mark Browning, Peter Connor, and Neil Catliff. The new faces (to Curborough at least) were Bob and Matt Wittock, Dave Sams, Peter and Nick Coe and Simon Bunker.

As a result of this we actually had 9 cars there which is a good turn out.

The day started off with a load of free (i.e. untimed) runs in the morning although there was some unofficial timing going on. Adam took his shed of a Mondeo out for a run and then set a time faster than a few of the Tigers present (43 seconds). Just going to show that the drivers skill can easily overcome a huge weight penalty on the car.

Throughout the morning the car ran flawlessly and I wasn't having any issues with it - yes it was getting a bit warm when queuing up but as soon as it got clear air then it cleared itself out.

The day continued until lunchtime when a bunch of us escaped to a sandwich place I found on my last trip to curborough where you could get a decent sarnie - far better quality than the usual petrol station efforts.

After lunch Adam decided to do a timed run for everyone - although I don't have the results to hand I think everyone posted decent times with the minimum of racing excuses needed.

The only car related problem was Paul Brownings venting a lot of water from the overflow bottle and then over the engine. Looked very dramatic but not really serious.

Piers took my car out for a few runs in the afternoon and said it was better with the new engine! High praise indeed.

The day then continued with as many runs as people wanted to do or not as the case took them. I also used the opportunity to try for some more unusual camera angles with the pictures.

Finally the last few drifted away with everyone having enjoyed the day. Nobody went home on trailers and the newcomers all wanted to come back for the next one whenever that will be.

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