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November 2008

Crash Repairs - oops!

A day that didn't quite go to plan - after spending the day watching motorsport at Brands Hatch something in the road on the way home damaged the Tiger. Well when I say damage it was two tyres and wheels, a ripped rear suspension mounting and a very bent suspension arm.

Due to the nature of the damage once the car had been recovered back to Peterborough it went over to Tiger as there was a good chance that the chassis had been bent. Fortunately the chassis got away without damage and Tiger did the full repair for me. There was another problem though all the wiring for the rear lights on the drivers side was damaged and shorting so although the car could be driven the lights were somewhat eratic. As I now had to replace the rear lights along with at least two wheels (and tyres) I have decided to change to a supercat body tub and have 15" wheels as well.

The pictures below show the damaged parts of the car!

Small Puncture Damaged Lights Doesn't look too bad
Well maybe it does special banana suspension arm