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April 2008

Rolling Road Part 1

First a bit of background. The tiger was running rather badly - it would cruise fine but didn't have any get up and go - so after looking for the obvious stuff I decided to take it down to Tiger themselves for a rolling road session.

Although there was a little reluctance of the part of Jim (Tiger MD) as he is a webcon agent and hasn't tried to use the Emerald ECU software before he agreed to give it a go.

The first attempt was on the 27th April which was a complete disaster - we found out what one of the problems was though.

The TPS had died on the car meaning it didn't know how much the throttles were open and wasn't advancing the timing correctly - hence the cruising ability at 70mph and no acceleration to speak of.

So a quick call to emerald and a new TPS was on it's way. For once Dave Walker was proved wrong and the electronics had caused the problem!

Fitting the new TPS made a huge difference to the car and the engine certainly ran better on the drive over to Stoneleigh the next weekend.