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August 2007

Brake Upgrade

I decided to upgrade the front brakes on the car as I felt that they lacked confidence. The single piston calipers aren't overly inspiring as they are designed for use with a servo assisted braking system which obviously the Tiger doesn't have.

I bought the kit from Tiger consisting of 4 pot Hi-Spec Calipers (finished in black), Green stuff pads and new 260mm discs.

Fitting was relatively straight forward. Well relatively on the passenger side wheel there was a need to slightly enlarge the holes in the uprights as the disc was catching on the caliper body and it was the only method to get the caliper to stand clear - so I fully expected to do the same on the drivers side.

Wrong! on the drivers side the disc sat perfectly but the caliper was too far over by 0.75mm so I had to make up some spacers as it was just too close to get the pads into the caliper!

The final stage was the test drive - once everything had been fixed. The first few times the brakes were used they were awful - no real feel or control over the car what had I done. After about 50 miles the pedal feel starts coming back and after a couple of hundred the braking is dramatically improved although they are still being bedded in.