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March 2003: Sump Problems

Whilst fitting the sump, I had the front of the car up on ramps to make it easier to reach various components. Unfortunately while lying under the car I noticed the sump didn't look quite right. To put it simply it is slightly bent.

Well maybe not slightly.

Try extremely - When removed I found the oil pipe pickup was touching the base of the sump pan! Judge for yourself what was removed from a happily running engine (50psi oil pressure under load!)

Also very suprising is that it doesn't actually leak!

Small Dent At Front Inside of sump which should be flat! Another interior view
Exterior Damage to Drain Plug Exterior of Sump Somewhere are the drain holes for the extra tank
Another view of interior View from Below View from front
Montage of pictures with sump still installed on car

The sump has now been repaired and refitted to the car. It looks a little bit different (I didn't take any photos though)

Sump Fitting Tips

The following should be useful for anyone having to replace a sump on a complete car

Despite what Haynes say if you use silicon sealant rather than the "proper" sealant you can persuade the gasket to stick to the bottom of the engine instead of flopping loose all over the place.

Start off in the corners with the four end bolts

Fit the bolts but do not tighten until all of them are fitted

On some gaskets (or at least the one I bought) there is a hole missing this is right above the wing box and isn't obvious until you have spent five minutes trying to push a bolt through

Finally, do fit the bolts above the wing first as it will be a lot easier