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January 2008

Front End Rebuild

More suspension work. The car had developed a small vibration in the front suspension under load and this was causing some troubles with handling. Not that much but enough so you would notice there was a problem.

After consultation with tiger the conclusion was the front rocker arm bushes had worn and would need replacing. Well my car features the older metalastic bushes which have since been replaced by nylon units. Also the metalastic bushes had to be inserted with a hydralic press so what were the chances of getting them out again. With this in mind I went and bought, 2 new suspension arms, new bushes, new mounting bolts and top ball joints. So not much then...

Fitting was relatively straightforward (well if you count removing stub axles, bodywork, most of the suspension, brakes etc before getting to the actual bolts for the rocker arms. Once the bolts were removed the cause of the movement became apparant - there had been wear on the actual bolt that the arm rides on and that had caused the movement. So although the bolts were the only parts that HAD to be done I still replaced all the components to minimise the chance of a repeat.