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May 2008

Back End repaint

I have decided to have some work done to the car and have a new roll bar made up - basically this would be the same as the race bars that are used but would be lower so I can still fit the weather gear.

I had a dicussion with Jim and got a price that we were both happy with and sent the car in to have the bar made to fit (it would then be send off for powder coating). Well that was the plan - in reality the following phone call happened "we have mot'd the car - ip passed", "good", "but...", "go on", "the fuel pump is in the wrong position for fitting the bar, the rear chassis needs a full repaint before it starts rusting seriously, and the fuel tank is off centre!","er ok I'll pick it back up then". So I know have a bit of work to do!

So after the journey to Stoneleigh (where I picked up a few bits to do the job I got started). As I don't have mains power in the garage the car was relocated temporarily to outside the house so I could use the angle grinder. First off I drained the fuel tank the easy way disconnecting the outlet pipe and pointing it towards a 20ltr jerry can. Just turn the ignition on and wait for the tank to run dry!

The back bodywork came next and apart from a couple of awkward rivnut fixings came off relatively easily. I had planned on taking the rear shell off the car completely but the work to disconnect the rear lights was a bit too much to contemplate fortunately there was sufficenmt slack in the wiring to allow it to be moved without causing a major issue. The fuel tank was then removed and placed to one side whilst I attacked the chassis with the grinder.Two flap discs and some hours later the chassis was back to bare metal. This was then etch primed and left to dry.

The next stage was to sort out the fuel tank - now at this point I have an admission to make. I was a buit too enthusiastic with the angle grinder and managed to put some pin holes in the tank so it had to go off for repair.

Once back from repair it was all painted up and then the car fitted back together.

Back End repainted Repaired Fuel Tank