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May 2008

New Roll Bar

After the back end was rebuilt the car was then sent into Tiger to have the new roll bar fitted. The car was sent to Tiger for an afternoon to the design made to fit and then the bar itself had to be made and powdercoated.

A week later I got a call to confirm it was all ready to be picked up - a quick trip over to Tiger and it was fitted inside an hour ready for the trip over to Corby to go and watch the Tigers race that afternoon.

The rollbar starts life as one of the normal "hood frame" bars, Tiger then fit a diagonal brace to the bar followed by two drop links. Now there is a problem with the back of the cat - there is no support structure under the rear body except for that around the fuel tank. To overcome this there are two extra pieces of frame made. These extend from besides the fuel tank vertically to a platform (where the drop link bolts in and then back to the main chassis member which the seat harnesses are bolted to. This prevents the bar from collapsing in the event of an impact something the standard bar cannot do.

Tiger have now put this into production as a option so if you like what you see call Tiger and ask them to make you one.

Roll Bar