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July 2002: New Exhaust

The silencer had to be replaced after the original Tiger supplied unit fell apart, what happened is at one of the sprint days the inner perforated tube parted company with the rest of the coupling. This resulted in some very strange noises when idling (it sounded fine at 4000rpm though :-0 ).

So I had to get a replacement - a standard tiger exhuast cost at the time ΔΆ100 + vat, however someone mentioned that raw engineering made a repackable unit for roughly the same cost. This was confirmed and is the unit in the pictures below.

There was only one small difficulty in fitting this and that was the collector pipe from the manifolds had to be shortenedby about 2 inches, 3 hacksaw blades later and this was done.

View of exhaust with tape measure for scale Fitted to car Fitted to car exit Fitted to manifold