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Video Gallery

[Test videos]:[Curborough October 2004]:[Curborough June 2005][Curborough July 2005]

I have recently purchased a device called "Stickypod", this is a mounting for a camera which will fit onto any car and allow a standard video or stills camera to be used for filming whilst driving.

All the videos were shot with a Canon MV700 Mini-DV Camcorder, with the videos edited using Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 software.

First Attempt

This view was shot with the camcorder mounted in front of the passenger seat, it was filmed on a quiet Sunday morning and involves a 5 mile route from Peterborough to Helpston, via the back roads.

The file size is about 2.5MB.


Curborough Sprint Track October 2004

This was shot at Curborough on the 5th October. It consists of two seperate runs linked together into one small video. The first run I used the camera mounted on the very nose of my Tiger so that you couldn't see any part of the car.

For the second run the camera was mounted onto the scuttle panel of Brian Robert's R6. The R6 is much more powerful vehicle and also has the advantage of weighing about 150kg less than the Cat!

This file size is about 10MB.


A second attempt at a video from the day at Curborough. This time I have done a bit of trickery to make the video more interesting.

This file is about 5MB in size, so a bit smaller.


Curborough Sprint Track June 2005

All were taken on the 2nd June at Curborough.

The video used the stickypod mounted on the side of the car just behind the front wheel. It is in Windows Media Player format and is about 4.5MB.


The same basic setup was used as above - however for this shot I changed the zoom to give a larger field of view. On the right hand image I played around and boosted the speed to 5 times normal. Watch the carb trumpets in this recording as they seem to be vibrating a little bit. I might be looking at some new engine mounts in the near future! Both of these videos are in Mpeg or quicktime format. The left recording is about 2.3mb and the right one about 600k (if you are on dialup then it shouldn't be too bad to download).

video video

One thing I have noticed is the wind noise that you get on the recording. Unfortunately the camera does not support an external microphone so I can't use one of those. I'm open to suggestions on how to acheive this...

Curborough Sprint Track July 2005

There are three videos from Curborough this time, all of which are in MPEG / Quicktime format and about 2.5MB each.

The first video used the stickypod mounted on the rear wing pointing backwards.


The second one uses multiple camera angles combined into one video with a timeclock in the top corner, Piers (who was driving) is annoyed as it wasn't his fastest run I based this one on!


The final video is mounted conventionally on the bonnet of Bob Cox's car and a copy of this has apparently been used to bore his girlfriend and parents to insanity...